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Our Town

Eger is a scenic town located in Heves County, Hungary, founded by St. Stephen in the 10th century as one of the country's first episcopal sees.

Eger’s history is intertwined with invasions, sieges and historic battles. One of the main attractions is the Castle of Eger, where Hungarian warriors gloriously defeated the Turkish army in 1552.

The historical novel "Eclipse of the Crescent Moon," written by Géza Gárdonyi (the namesake of our school), significantly contributes to the town's general recognition and positive reputation.

After the turn of the 20th century, the city earned the nickname "Athens of Hungary" due to its cultural and educational aspects. Eger is also home to multiple foreign students who attend the prestigious Eszterházy Károly University.

Eger boasts many attractions. The town's distinctive feature is its baroque attributes, as the main part of the settlement was rebuilt in the 18th century by bishops and nobles of the time. The Eger Basilica was constructed in the popular neoclassical style of the 19th century. Dobó Square is a central site in the Old Town named after the castle captain, Dobó István. Here, as well as in the Archbishop’s Garden, a wide array of programs take place, such as the Eger Wine Festival, outdoor theatres or the Advent Market.

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Our School

Our school was originally founded by the Jesuits after the end of the Turkish occupation of Eger. In 1776 it was acquired by the Cistercians to establish a secondary school in its place.

The building, connected with the St. Bernard church, served as both a place of education and a boys’ dormitory.

In the second half of the 20th century, the institution was taken over by the state and later named after Géza Gárdonyi.

The school returned to the ownership of the Cistercian Order in 1997 and began operating as a secondary and vocational Christian school.

Our building was expanded with a new wing in the 1960s, which was later remodeled in 2018. The main building's architectural structure remains unchanged to this day.

Today our school offers various courses, including a language preparatory class, an eight-year program and courses specializing in physical education, psychology, or chemistry and biology. Additionally, our two-story gymnasium provides a wide variety of sports activities. Students can choose from numerous extracurricular programs within its walls.


Our Team

We are members of Class 11.K, divided into two separate groups: the bilingual and the language preparatory sections. Our collaborative journey began in Grade 9 in 2020 with a focus on advancing our command of English. The expected year of our graduation is 2025.

Our team is unique, diverse, motivated, and goal-oriented, encompassing individuals involved in both science and art. Many of us dedicate precious time to hobbies such as martial arts, folk dancing, arts and crafts, and choir. We not only spend meaningful time together at school but also gather for special occasions outside the institution.

Environmental issues captured our attention as we familiarized ourselves with oral examination topics in English. Little did we know that it would soon transcend being just a topic in the national curriculum. Consequently, we participated in cleaning activities, including street trash collection in Eger and cleaning the banks of Eger’s brook.

When applying for the Erasmus program, we encountered stiff competition. Thanks to our form teacher's excellent guidance, we were selected. Due to the high number of applicants, we were required to submit a motivational letter. Additionally, we prepared an oral presentation addressing a local environmental issue and elaborated on a creative workshop activity.

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and are committed to bringing this project to its full potential.

Project Varna

Our First Online Meeting

In preparation for the Erasmus+ student exchange program, we held our first official online meeting with the Bulgarian students on the 13th of February. The primary purpose of this meeting was to get to know each other and break the ice between us. To achieve this, both the Bulgarian students and our team had prepared various games in advance.

Initially, we played a game where we raised our hands if a stated statement was true for us. This activity helped us discover similarities among the participants. Following that, we had some time to come up with two true and one false statement that applied to the entire group. This game proved to be quite successful, as both our group and the Bulgarian students managed to correctly identify the false statement.

Next, we selected five items that the other group had to show us on camera, and they reciprocated by doing the same. This interactive activity added an element of fun and engagement to the meeting.

Finally, we introduced each group's three favorites in their country, such as our favorite musician, subject or sports activity. This provided insights into each other's preferences and interests.

In conclusion, we successfully eased any tension between the two groups during this meeting. It was an enjoyable one-hour session for all participants. We look forward to the continuation of these meetings before our trip to Bulgaria, and we are excited about the upcoming interactions.



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About our school

Contact details of our school:

Address: 17 Széchenyi Street, Eger 3300

Phone number: +3636511240

Email: titkarsag@gardonyi-eger.hu

Project coordinator:

Fejesné Tőkés Henriette